Beat the Bad Guys at their own game

24/7/365 monitoring of closed source Cyber crime, Hacking forums and Botnets.

Organization specific Intelligence with real time alerts

Be the first to learn about attacks targeting you.

REST API. Seamless integration with your existing tools.

Credential Monitor

Credential Monitor enables Identity Protection companies and other organizations to recover their customer’s credentials which might be compromised by Hacking or Malware activity.

Key Features

  •   Real-time monitoring of criminal CnC infrastructure including underground forums, TOR deep web, Pastebins and Botnets.
  •   Credit / Debit cards with expiry date, CVV
  •   Address, SSN, MMN, DOB, DL
  •   Phone numbers with IMEI (Android Bots)
  •   Login Credentials (emails, e-commerce, social networks, financial)
  •   Daily feed in CSV format
  •   Access to industry experts.

Cyber Threat Alarm

Cyber Threat Alarm is an innovative alert service that enables companies to understand and assess risk factors, fraud schemes, brand exploitation by cyber criminal and hacker groups. Cyber Threat Alarm provides you a 360 degree protection from threats that covers Threat Intel, Recover compromised credentials and Actor Attribution.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of criminal CnC infrastructure including underground forums, TOR deep web, Pastebins, IRC rooms and Bot Networks.
  • Our highly skilled analysts gather intelligence manually where crawlers are banned
  • Pin-pointed Actionable Intelligence
  • Identify if your corporate networks, access credentials, valuable intellectual property is compromised by malware or criminal activity.
  • Customized reports of the incident with evidence
  • Access to our web portal / API with Intel that matters to your organization
  • In-depth Analysis of malware involved if it’s a malware related incident.
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Actor Attribution
  • Archived Threat Actor forum posts dating back to 2006.
  • Access to the largest collection of Threat Actor database.
  • Identify relations of Threat Actors and who are they connected to.
  • REST API Threat feed with compromised login credentials of your organization.
  • Access to Threat experts
  • We have a team of experienced highly-trained cyber investigators supported by on-staff linguists. We maintain the highest standards to ensure the confidentiality of our clients.

Malware Monitor

Malware Monitor enables organizations to block malicious URL, CnC, Bot Nodes, Exploit Kits, iframe, compromised websites and malware MD5, SHA1.

Key Features

  •   Automated in-depth sandbox analysis
  •   Customized reports with process documentation
  •   CnC, Botnodes, Exploit kits, iframes, Compromised FTP, MD5 Hashes
  •   REST API with malicious threat feed
  •   Forensics upon request
  •   Access to threat experts

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