"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster" .... Sun Tzu

How can we protect you from your adversaries?

Online Guards is the leading provider of Threat Intelligence and Identity Protection since 2008.

How did we do it?


Our highly skilled personnel armed with proprietary technology extensively monitor dark corners of the internet including closed source cyber crime forums, IRC rooms, Pastebins, TOR deep web and malicious bot networks.


We identify emerging threats, gather actionable intelligence and also collect compromised PII including Credit cards, SSN, email passwords, login credentials that belongs to e-commerce, financial organizations and social networks.


Online Guards provides real-time threat intelligence feed with compromised credentials, cyber crime and malware activity that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing fraud alert process.

What do we offer ?

Credential Monitor

Credential Monitor enables Identity Protection companies and other organizations to recover their customer’s compromised credentials.

Cyber Threat Alarm

Cyber Threat Alarm enables companies to understand and assess risk factors, fraud schemes, brand exploitation by criminal groups.

Malware Monitor

Malware Monitor enables organizations to block malicious URL, Botnodes, Exploit kits, iframe, compromised websites and malware MD5, SHA1.

Our Clients

  • Identity Protection
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Malware Intelligence